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Juice Roll Upz E Liquids – Carnival Cotton Candy E Liquid

Remember the delicious blue cotton candy at carnivals? Blue Cotton Candy E Liquid by Carnival E Liquids taste exactly like that! Blue Cotton Candy E Liquid features a smooth and tarty taste of blue raspberry cotton Candy! This E Liquid is perfect for the candy vape lover! The inhale is a smooth blue raspberry cotton candy taste with a hint of ripe blueberry tart that coats your tongue. The exhale is a mellow undertone of the inhale with a strong cotton candy flavor. Blue Cotton Candy E Liquid is one of the better cotton candy e liquids and would make for a great all day vape if you’re looking for a good mix between candy and fruit.

Juice Roll-Upz, founded in Southern California brings a bit of nostalgia in your e liquid. Brewed from the finest USP grade ingredients, Juice Roll Upz E Liquid’s flavors bring the fruity candy that you loved as a kid right into your vape. Flavors that are full, fruity and candy all in one vape. Get their take on Blue Raspberry Candy, Strawberry Candy and Watermelon Punch Candy in every vape you take. These flavors are just right for the all-day vapers and fits most of the fruity lover profiles. Perfect for the inner-kid in you, get the candy flavors you love when you buy the Juice Roll Upz E Liquid.


Bottle Size: 60 mL (milliliter)
Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6 mg