Efest 2015 LUC Blu6 OLED intelligent charger

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Structure Instruction
1. OLED screen: to display charging status of each slot
2. Selecting slot button: the OLED will display the charging status of the selected slot with a press. Each slot with a build-in LED indicator, “FULL” is long on, “CHARGING” is slow flashing, and “NOT WORKING” is off
3. Multifunction button: to turn on/off the OLED screen light, to display the Blu6’s serial No., to choose the charging current with selecting slot button
4. Battery slot: capable of charging 6 batteries at the same time, adjusting the spring to insert different size batteries.

OLED Screen Instruction
1. Screen display?Display the charging status of each slot cyclically (slot No., voltage, current and charging mode), and each slot keeps showing in 3 seconds.

Note: When select 2.0A charging mode, there will be a 0.2V deviation between the actual battery voltage and the displaying voltage, due to the large current amplification effect.

2. Selecting display mode?Press a slot button when the screen is in cycle display mode, and it will switch to show the selected slot immediately and keeps in 5 seconds, then back to cycle display mode.

3.Night energy-saving mode?Press the multifunction function button to turn off the screen light (still in charging condition) when it’s in cycle display mode, press again to turn it on and back in cycle display mode.

4. Charger ID dispaly mode?Press the multifunction function button for 5 seconds to show the Blu6’s serial No. when it’s in cycle display mode. Connect your phone with the charger via this ID.